Solar Cooler

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Solar air coolers use solar energy which is also known as a natural source of energy. This is the reason that the solar coolers produces zero emissions and hence are good for the environment. They utilize an integral solar charge controller that comes with an integrated solar panel. Moreover, these types of air coolers can be used in commercial as well as residential buildings. This is what makes them versatile and practical to use in hot scorching summers.

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Solar PMDC Cooler with Plastic Body Solar PMDC Cooler with Plastic Body
63 Speed – 9” PMDC – 12V/36W, 3 Speed – 12” PMDC – 12V/48W,
Water Tank – Approx. 20 Ltr.Water Tank – Approx. 30 Ltr.
L x B x H – 30cm x 25cm x 50cmL x B x H – 43cm x 31cm x 63cm
Solar Panel + Controller – 100 WattsSolar Panel + Controller – 120 Watts
3 Speed – 16” PMDC – 12V/60W, 5 Speed – 18” PMDC – 12V/72W
Water Tank – Approx. 50 Ltr.Water Tank – Approx. 75 Ltrs.,
L x B x H – 53cm x 44cm x 83cmL x B x H – 61cm x 50cm x 85cm
Solar Panel + Controller – 130 WattsSolar Panel + Controller – 150 Watts